Pokémon GO updated to version 0.43.3 for Android and 1.13.3 for iOS

Nantic has announced details of the latest Pokémon GO update, which is ready to roll out on both iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, the developers have announced a Halloween special for the mobile app. From 26 October until 1 November, a special bonus will earn you twice as much Candy while catching, hatching and transferring monsters. Your Buddy Pokémon will also earn you four times as much Candy. As if that wasn’t enough, certain spooky monsters will make more regular appearances, so watch for these if they’re missing from your Pokédex.

The latest update adds a few minor features and fixes, like colored eggs and Pokémon type icons. Here’s the release notes from the developers:

  • Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have different patterns depending on the distance required to hatch them.
  • Pokémon type icons have been added to the information screen for each Pokémon.
  • Low battery indicator added for the Pokémon GO Plus.
  • Minor text fixes

Check out the Halloween special trailer below and let us know if you’ll be tempted to play Pokémon  GO this weekend.