Pokémon Home, the new cloud-based storage offering for your captured Pocket Monsters is coming in February 2020, according to the Pokémon Direct reveal today.

As the only way to store and transfer your Pokémon from one game to another, this is a long-awaited subscription service that is seemingly coming right around the corner.

Pokemon Home

Being tied to your mobile device as an app is something series veterans have been excited for. Transferring all your favorite creatures from Pokémon Go, the Pokémon Let’s Go titles, as well as Pokémon Sword and Shield will be the only way to bring your Pokémon forward with you to future titles, even if for the time being you will only be able to transfer Pokémon out of the app to Sword and Shield.

Further pricing details were omitted, as The Pokémon Company stated more information would be coming in future announcements.

For more from the Direct as a whole watch here, with the Pokémon Home information starting at the 17:30 mark: