The Member Card, an event-only key item that allows players to go to Newmoon Island to encounter the legendary Pokémon Darkrai, will be distributed via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from Aug. 3 to Sept. 13. This is the first time it will be distributed to players of the North American version of Pokémon Platinum.

In order to obtain Darkrai, players must have unlocked the National Pokédex in their Platinum game. They must have also approached Cresselia on Fullmoon Island and obtain the Lunar Wing when she leaves.

The Member Card can then be used outside the Harbor Inn in Canalave City. Upon entering, players will encounter a man who will send them sleeping. They will then wake up on Newmoon Island, where a Level 50 Darkrai will be available. It will know the moves Hypnosis, Faint Attack, Nightmare and Double Team. The event can be repeated if players flee or defeat Darkrai.

The key item was first distributed to players of the Japanese version of Platinum last Dec. 1 through Jan 15.