Yesterday saw the release of Nintendo’s latest free-to-play offering with Pokémon Rumble World, bringing Toy Pokémon battles back to the 3DS.

As with previous titles, passwords will be released to help players collect all 719 Toy Pokémon, with the first such passwords now available for Pancham and Smeargle in North America and Europe.

To redeem these passwords, you’ll need to have reached the necessary Adventure Rank of 4 (or higher). You can then select the Password option from the Start menu whenever you’re in the courtyard.

Here are the codes for the US and Europe:

North America

  • Pancham: 18294319
  • Smeargle: 18014401


  • Pancham: 24197410
  • Smeargle: 35325215

What do you think of Pokémon Rumble World so far? Let us now how many Pokémon you’ve already captured.