Nintendo’s first foray into the world of freemium games is Pokémon Shuffle, which hit the eShop around the world just last month.

Nintendo have now announced – through an in-game message and prize – that the game has been downloaded one million times since it launched on February 19.

The game, which is free to download and play, is an addictive match-three puzzler in which you progress through stages fighting and capturing Pokémon using your own pocket monster combos to attack. It’s actually a fun way to spend half an hour – the catch is that in order to keep playing beyond that, you have to either wait for your hearts (turns) to recharge, or pay for more.

We reviewed the game after release and thought it was well worth a download if you can ignore the microtransactions. With one million downloads, the game is performing very well and, given its free price tag, that’s not such a huge surprise. However, it would be very interesting to know how many players have actually paid for additional content.

Are you one of the million downloaders of Pokémon Shuffle? Let us know your thoughts on the game and the freemium setup.