Hello Pokemon fans! Got some news here provided by our good friends over at PokeBeach in regards to the upcoming 3DS title Pokemon X and Y. The information was provided via translation of the new ‘CoroCoro’ pages.

Xerneas: A pure Fairy type Pokémon and has a new ability Fairy Aura giving a boost in fairy type moves. Xerneas also comes with an exclusive move, Geo Control. This will summon seven different colored energy beams from the ground. Xerneas is known as the Life Pokémon. (Am I the only one that thinks of the Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke when they see Xerneas?)

Yveltal: A Dark/Flying type Pokémon and weilds the ability Dark Aura which adds a boost in Dark type moves. Yveltals exclusive move is Dark Wing, which summons Dark Energy to destroy its target. It’s no surprise why Yveltal is known as the Destruction Pokémon.

Who will you choose?

Ok so knowing about the themed Pokémon is good and all, but what about the newcomers?

Goronda: The evolved form of Pancham. Type: Fighting/Dark. 2.1m tall, weighs 136kg and has the ability Iron Fist and knows Hammer Arm. A dark fighter that will drop the hammer!

Maika: Known as the Revolution Pokémon. Type: Dark/Psychic. Standing at a mighty 0.4m tall and weighs 3.5kg possessing the abilities Contrary and Suction Cup. Maika also comes with a new Dark Type move, Turn Over, which reverses stat changes.

Karamanero: The evolved form of Maika and is the Reversal Pokémon. Just like Maika, Karamanero is a Dark/Psychic type but unlike Maika, stands at 1.5m tall and weighs 47kg and knows Hypnosis.

Shushupu: A Fairy Type that is 0.2m tall and weighing 0.5kg. Known as a Perfume Pokémon, Shushupu has healing abilities and also knows Aromatherapy.

Peropuff: Weighing in at 3.5kg and 0.4m tall, this Cotton Candy Pokémon comes with two new abilities. Sweet Veil, which prevents sleeping effects and Drain Kiss which like the name gives off, drains your opponents health adding to your own.

Honedge: has the ability No Guard.

There are some other updates for the upcoming titles including exclusive Pokémon, Professors and more! Give it a read down below!

Professor Plantae. Possibly a reference to the platanus genus of trees, given its close resemblance to the Japanese word for plane tree. It’s said that he will battle you from time to time. I wonder if he’ll say “Smell ya later!” like your rival in the first generation.

Two new gym leaders, Citron and Zakuro have entered the competition! Their gym type is still unknown.

The ‘evil’ team for the Kalos region is Team Flare who are just looking to get rich and make money. Times must be hard in the Kalos region.

The new Pokémon Search System (PSS) has a number of features new to the series. While it is the access point for the new Global Trade Station, another new function called the Holocaster, will keep you up to date on official news, battles and events. A new feature called ‘Miracle Trade’ still remains a mystery, but has been described as exciting. Lastly, there are some social functions that will allow players to broadcast their achievements throughout the game. I personally look forward to posting my succeses when beating gym leaders or catching that one rare Pokemon as I play. There are also ways to use special powers to help out on your Pokémon adventure such as powering up the Pokémon you have out in battle. No Pokemon steroids here my friends! This is just scratching the surface as I’m sure more news will be released as we draw closer to the games release

Thats all the Poke’news for now but be sure to check out PokeBeach for more Pokemon goodness and here at Pure Nintendo for all your Nintendo news!