“I did want it to have a bit of a bedroom energy and also while doing that I wanted to have some of my own character in terms of using Super Nintendo sounds. If somebody heard my beat it would be like walking into my room and seeing all the posters of my wall – you would see a bit of Mario Kart, then you would see Bob Marley on the wall, you would see a Dubstep producer. It’s just like a collage of what my life was like at the time.”

I love it [computer games]. I grew up on it. I remember when we used to be playing Mario and Street Fighter and my Mum would be shouting “come and wash the dishes, come and wash the dishes” and we just wouldn’t be listening. We’d be in Star World on Super Mario and she’d just come in the room and just press the power on the console. I don’t know how you could cry over those things but at the time I did.” – Labrinth