I want to wish Clever a happy two year anniversary. They have been the best PR company we have dealt with so far. Prove me wrong everyone else, prove me wrong.

Orange County, Calif., February 3, 2009 – Clever Communications, a
public relations agency specializing in interactive entertainment
products, announced today that it has reached its two-year
anniversary.  The Clever team, the agency of record for top publishers
including Natsume, True Games Interactive, Gamescampus, G4Box, and
Wicked Interactive, provides an array of public relations services and
customized public relations programs including media outreach,
messaging, media events, strategic counsel, press tours and more. The
agency was started two years ago by Mika Kelly, who previously held PR
management positions at Namco, Infogrames (Atari) and more.

“Our goal is to help ensure that our clients’ brand, visibility and
products continue to stay top of mind with both the media and the
consumer-and that is even more important with the turn of the economy
in recent months,” said Mika Kelly, Founder of Clever Communications.
“This is a critical time for businesses to stay visible and get the
word out to the consumer. And that is exactly where we can help.”

During its first two years of business, Clever has managed public
relations outreach and projects for top video game industry clients
including Natsume Inc., Hudson Entertainment, True Games Interactive,
K2 Network, Gamescampus, Ignition Entertainment, The Ant Commandos,
GHskinz, Playspan, ACE Team, G4Box Inc., Wicked Interactive and more.

The Clever team has expertise in handling titles across all platforms
including PC, Nintendo Wii, Wiiware and DS, Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP
and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. In addition, Clever has worked extensively
this past year on titles supporting the mobile market, including
Google’s Android, BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone. Clever also gained
experience providing PR support for hardware peripherals designed for
the increasingly popular music genre and has become an agency of
choice for companies who provide Free-to-Play online games.

“We can offer support to companies regardless of their size -from small
projects to a comprehensive retainer,” Kelly continued.  “Our ability
to be flexible is what our business was built on and that is not
something that every PR agency in our industry can offer.”

As the company’s list of clients continues to grow, so has the Clever
team. The most recent talented industry veteran to join the team is
Cynthia Rogerson. Rogerson brings more than 15 years of marketing and
PR experience in the video game industry with companies including
Mattel, Interplay Productions and Time Warner. Rogerson has worked on
high-profile products including the Harry Potter, Nickelodeon, and
Mattel video games, as well as Barbie, Diva Starz, Hot Wheels, Tyco,
Matchbox and Fisher Price games, Playmates Toys and more.

With a stellar team in place, Clever put their expertise to work in
2008 and utilizing strong media relationships with both enthusiast and
consumer editors and writers, secured exclusive features with top-tier
enthusiast websites, while garnering coverage for various clients’
titles in publications such as National Geographic For Kids, USA
Today, Cookie, New York Times, Sports Illustrated Kids, San Jose
Mercury News, PC Magazine.com and more. Titles the Clever team worked
on last year included the award-winning DECA SPORTS for the Nintendo
Wii, and Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon for the Nintendo DS,
as well as various new iterations of the best-selling Bomberman series
and many more.

“At Natsume we had always handled our PR internally, but we finally
reached a point where we needed outside help and we didn’t want to
hire just anyone, said Graham Markay, Vice President of Operations at
Natsume. “We could not be more pleased with our choice to go with
Clever Communications.  They have impressed us with their extensive
video game industry experience and their proven track record with
top-tier media outlets, and they have helped broaden our company’s
visibility while maximizing our reach to media contacts and