Help us share our legendary tale with other kingdoms throughout the land!

On behalf of His Majesty King Orchid, we invite thee to our fair Kingdom of Blossom to hear an incredible tale passed down for many generations. N’er before hast thou heard a story like Blossom Tales, an amazing adventure where one brave girl faces a myriad of dangers to save her King and country.

The heroine of our story is Lily, a young girl that joined the esteemed Knights of the Rose the same day the evil wizard Crocus cast a dreaded spell to place the King into everlasting sleep. Now part of a royal unit sworn to aid the crown at all costs, Lily must traverse ancient dungeons, wield powerful weapons, and face terrible foes to find the mystical ingredients that can cure His Majesty.

Our desire is to have our talented scribes at Castle Pixel print this charming tale so that every kingdom can enjoy it. I bid you, help us attain the funds needed for making this worthwhile endeavor a reality!

Thank you,
Herald of Blossom

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