Berkeley – September 7th, 2014 – HR Games, an interactive entertainment industry publisher and developer, today confirmed the price reduction for its game JETT TAILFINfor the Wii U™ system.


“We want to make the game available to as many kids and families everywhere!” said Manny Granillo, President – HR GAMES.  “By offering the experience at a more budget friendly price, we hope that we can share our magical world with kids everywhere!”


JETT TAILFIN™ is a third person game that joins the fun of street races with an underwater environment full of obstacles. As Jett Tailfinor as one of his friends, you must escape from the dangers of the sea while racing to be the fastest fish ever! The scenarios include paradisiacal and mystical places like the Fernando de Noronha Island and the Pirate’s Island.  Created and developed by Hoplite Research Studios and Ilusis Interactive Graphics, the Magical world of JETT TAILFINtakes players to another dimension!

Hoplite Research logo

“Jett Tailfin is not for me and you, it’s for us to play with our family. The kids I watched play it loved the game and kept going back for more and more every day.” – 4 Color Rebellion 

Swim through 16 action packed unique underwater environments with stunning visuals and join some of the friendliest fish around on your search to be Top Fin!

  • Tropical Islands – A tropical island full of coral reefs, colorful fish and golden sand.  Its clear blue water hides dangerous enemies and can be quite challenging.
  • Pirate’s Island – This old island of lost treasures can be as dangerous and menacing as the pirates that once lived there.  Go through hidden tunnels, avoid a school of ferocious sharks and get your great treasure: the winner trophy!
  • Atlantis – The greenish waters and purple crystals sets the beauty of this exotic place that is thought to be the remains of Atlantis.  Finding your way through the ruins isn’t so easy, since you need to avoid the ferocious sharks on the track.
  • Ship Graveyard – Massive Rusty metal sunken ships surrounded by murky waters makes this course one of the most challenging of the race!  A maze course inside the tanks of great cargo ships and the rooms of decadent luxury liners.

JETT TAILFIN ™ is available now in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.