Phoenix, Arizona – July 7, 2015 Random Beats is pleased to announce the release of a new music video for “Your Favorite Song” from Mega Ran’s upcoming album, RNDM. The new album–one of his most ambitious to date–is set to release on September 15, 2015 and will feature “Mighty!,” a collaboration with legendary Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae which will be featured during the credits of COMCEPT’s highly-anticipated title, Mighty No. 9. Another collaboration track on the album will feature Castlevania composer Michiru Yamane.
To celebrate the release of RNDM in digital, CD, vinyl, and NES cartridge formats, COMCEPT is also providing the first 999 customers who pre-order the album a free download code for the Mighty No. 9soundtrack:


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“This is a dream come true,” comments Ran. “I’ve been working hard to land a videogame placement, and for this one to be the one, with a game and creator that I’m so close to, so inspired by, this is such a storybook tale. I’m really fortunate and I hope this is the first of many.”


While fans wait for RNDM and the Mighty No. 9 soundtrack to drop, Mega Ran has released a music video for his catchy parody track, “Your Favorite Song,” which prominently features his modded Famicom console in action as Ran raps about writing the one-hit-wonder to rule them all. The smooth musical backing by Tunesmith is accented with 8-bit sound programming and at one point, Ran even makes use of the Famicom controller’s microphone to sing the enduring chorus section.


“Your Favorite Song” Music Video on YouTube


“I’ve been using the Famicom in live shows since 2014 and looking to showcase it more in video and production, and I felt a song like this was the perfect time,” notes Ran. “The RNDM album represents a growth from Random to Mega Ran, and along the way, realizing the beauty in simplicity, that’s what I wanted the first set of visuals to convey. Wait ’til you guys hear the rest.”


Catch Mega Ran this weekend at San Diego Comic Con where he will be performing as a part of the festivities with Nerdist Industries on Friday, July 10 at 8pm.


Keep up to date with Mega Ran and learn more about RNDM and his contribution to Mighty No. 9 on the Random Beats website: