The demo of ZaciSa’s Last Stand now has a release date for November 20th 2014 for the Nintendo Wii U eShop! Featuring a glimpse of what the game is like, will feature four maps (Space Station 001, Hyperspace, Cir’ce Station, Twin Souls) with two modes (Easy & Hard) will give the player a short taste of what ZaciSa’s Last Stand has to offer. Each map will end after 10 levels are completed or if the enemy overwhelms the player and destroy’s their base. Leaderboards, Endless Mode, and other maps are available in the full version, normally available for $1.99.

To help celebrate the release of the demo, the game will begin a special 25% off sale starting on November 20th. From November 20th till January 7th of 2015 the game will be at a special $1.49 sale price. So if you liked what you played in the demo, you will be able to buy the game for 25% off!

Completion of patch #2 for ZaciSa’s Last Stand is almost complete and will likely be submitted to Nintendo by this Thursday, Nov 13th for a possible December release. This patch includes several new additions and improvements to the game, such as:

  • Framerate improvements – Game has been optimized for improved and more stable 30 FPS action.
  • Three new maps to try out!
  • PING 1.5+ – A new crossover map featuring the world of PING 1.5+
  • BLOK DROP U – Another new crossover map featuring the interactive game of BLOK DROP U. While you play ZaciSa’s Last Stand, you can play a game of BLOK DROP U. Fallen bloks will damage enemy ships and get the special red blok onto the ground safely will reward you for that level. This map allows for use of Wii Remote Controller to play BLOK DROP U, allowing for extra level of co-op to this map with friends!
  • GAF – Featuring the planet of GAF, defend your base before enemies overwhelm you. Activate GAF Gold for extra power boost!
  • Miiverse Posting – With one simple button press, you can post your gameover score to all your fellow gamers with a look at what your base looked like as it fell and show off how well you did.
  • Endless mode scoring fixed, now scales normally instead of to infinity and beyond.
  • Bank Loan – May not sound exciting, but will allow you to reach new higher levels with some extra money. But be warned, until the loan is paid off, you will receive a reduced money and score rewards from destroyed ships.
  • 5x game speed – The game’s internal mechanics have been refined. Now with added 5x game speed allowing you to quickly get through a level. Should come in handy in those high 30+ levels.