It’s certainly a good time to be a fan of Pokémon. As the Pokémon Company outlined in their press conference earlier this summer, there are myriad games coming to the Switch and mobile devices. One of those—Pokémon Masters—is now open for pre-registration on iOS and Android devices.

Developed by DeNA Co., Ltd., in partnership with The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Masters is “… a strategy and battling game where players form teams of sync pairs (the combination of a Trainer and their partner Pokémon) to engage in 3-on-3 real-time battles against AI opponents.” To compete, Trainers will journey to a new location—the island of Pasio—to partner with Pokémon from every known region.

DeNA has posted a series of six gameplay trailers on the Pokémon Masters YouTube channel to give you a deeper look into the game’s world and to see how the gameplay comes together. More specifically, they provide:

  • An overview of the game’s battle and progression systems.
  • A preview of the Story Mode, including a look at the Pokémon Masters League (PML), a tournament that takes place only on the island of Pasio.
  • Instructions on how to evolve Pokémon in this game and the special powers that come with evolution.
  • A look at the unique features of cooperative play, such as the ability to switch between sync pairs during battle.
  • Tips on how to build the perfect team based on each sync pair’s strengths and specific role (Strike, Support, Tech), as well as how to add new sync pairs to your team.

Pokémon Masters will be available worldwide as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases later this summer. Players in Singapore, however, now have access to a preview version on supported Android devices, and the same preview will soon be available in Canada. Those of us in the States will have to be content to pre-register via the links below:

For more information on Pokémon Masters, visit