Hong Kong, Nov 18, 2008 – Renchi.com (http://www.renchi.com) – a leading import video games, consoles, game gears and movies retailer, is cutting the prices on the new Nintendo DSi consoles by 17%.

“While many retailers are still selling at a much higher price, our stock level has stablised and we choose to pass the savings back to the consumers”, said a company spokesperson. Details of the price cut, and photos of the New DSi can be seen at http://www.renchi.com/renchi/NewsDetail?newsID=824.

Also, see all the latest releases on all gaming platforms, as well as DVDs and Blu ray movies at http://www.renchi.com/renchi/NewsDetail?newsID=828

RenChi.com (www.renchi.com) is a sister company of RedWolfAirsoft (www.redwolfairsoft.com), the leading worldwide airsoft supplier for the past 10 years. Based in Hong Kong, RenChi has the advantage of sourcing video games and consoles from various regions, including Japan, for great prices and speed. Enquiry can be sent to sales [at] renchi.com. Find Renchi review on Facebook – see profile at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5598674862