Many fans of not only Super Smash Bros. but also of the Nintendo GameCube, and its controller, were very excited when Nintendo announced the GameCube adapter for the Wii U.  Not only would it allow Smash Bros. players to use the GameCube controller for the new Super Smash Bros. For Wii U but it has 4 ports so that 4 players can use GameCube controllers to smash their opponents into oblivion.


Now Super Smash Bros. For Wii U is out and so is the GameCube adapter but unfortunately it seems as if the adapter is more popular that anyone anticipated and it has become very hard to find.  According to Kotaku, the GameCube adapter is sold out online and at brick and mortar retail stores causing prices for adapter to skyrocket online.  The adapters are popping up on eBay and for outrageous prices which is bad news for fans who are only willing to pay the device at regular price, which is $19.99.  The GameCube adapter is not being produced in limited quantities as far as we know so retailers should be receiving more stock but it might be quite some time before they appear on store shelves again.  Even when stores replenish their supply, we would suspect that those will not stay in stock for very long either.


So if anyone out there has their heart set on a GameCube adapter or are looking for one as a holiday gift, make sure to keep an eye out for it.  With prices upwards of $100 dollars for one of the adapters it might be beneficial to make friends with some GameStop employees so they can tip you off when more are adapters are due.