A completely revamped Mushroom Men website is packed with new information about Red Fly Studio’s “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” for Wii and “Mushroom Men: Rise of The Fungi” for Nintendo DS, and also features original mushroom-inspired character and theme music by Les Claypool that will be used in-game. Les’ exclusive tracks will play an important role in the game’s audio gameplay experience.

“Getting Les Claypool involved with Mushroom Men has always been a dream scenario! Having him on board and collaborating with everyone is a really exciting time for the project,” said Kris Taylor, Co-Founder and Art Director of Red Fly Studio. “Now with the new website up and running, we hope people can really come and get a vibe for what we are creating with the Mushroom Men universe.”

“When Mushroom Men was first presented to me I was coincidentally on the perpetual late fall hunt for the elusive King Bolete mushrooms which dot the West Sonoma County landscape where myself and my family dwell,” said Les Claypool. “The yearly quest for these fabulous, fungal delicacies has become a bit of a seasonal obsession for myself and my two children over the past few years. Coupled with my son’s obsession with fantasy gaming, it was all I could do to get anything else done around Rancho Relaxo once he got wind of the impending Mushroom Man game and the creator’s interest in having me do the soundtrack. After seeing the design material and mock-ups online, I was queried on a daily basis whether or not I had ‘talked to the Mushroom guys’ and would they be sending us a beta version to try out. I knew at once that this was an opportunity to gain massive brownie points in the eyes of my offspring, a feat that becomes more and more difficult the closer they get to adolescence. Thanks Mushroom Men.”