In this new adventure we learn about how Luke and Professor Layton meet, and how they become the fun puzzle solving duo. It keeps true to the Layton games. You have a strange mystery to solve and tons of puzzles to figure out. The puzzles do not disappoint and keep your brain on its toes. The game introduces two new characters Emmy, Layton’s new assistant, and Inspector Grosky. Emmy appears to have some history with Layton, which he appears not to remember. Inspector Grosky is a boisterous barrel-chested man, that doesn’t miss a chance to show off his physical fitness. The mini games are fun and just as challenging, as well as the new London life RPG bonus game.

The story starts with Layton at the university, where he receives a mysterious letter from an old colleague. From there he and his new assistant Emmy, go to the small town of Misthallery to solve the mystery. The story continues with lots of fun, absurd characters to talk to and a mystery that keeps you guessing. The stylistic graphics and music make the game unique and entertaining.

If you have played a Layton game before, you will know that you must tap around each scene with your stylus to find hint coins and hidden items. In this game I found that I had to be very deliberate in my tapping or I would miss stuff, so be thorough. Each new place you visit, you will be sure to find at least three hint coins to help you solve puzzles and maybe even a hidden item. One thing that annoyed me a little was in my search for coins and items I would accidentally hit a door and enter it, even when I was still looking for hint coins. But it is easy enough to return and continue your search. The town is big and luckily there are boats that will take you from one end to the other, but don’t take them too often or you will miss some puzzles along the way. Don’t worry about getting lost either. There is a map and arrows on the top screen that will show you where to go. There are new types of puzzles to solve and some good, old ones too. And if you haven’t satisfied your puzzle solving needs, there are tons more in the bonus puzzles and even some you can download. If you have played any recent Layton games you have enjoyed the memo option given to you when solving puzzles. I love this option, it gives me a place to scribble and do calculations without having to roam the house for some paper. In this new game they still have the memo option and they give you more colors and different size diameters for your pencil and eraser. It makes things a little less confusing and more organized.

The London life bonus game is a fun RPG game. You collect happiness and health points by talking to people, buying things, and other various activities. Most of the people you meet are characters from the Layton games. It is a simple RPG game and can get a little monotonous after awhile. But it is a nice change for your brain after doing a lot of puzzling.


In summary, Professor Layton and the Last Specter is a fun, in-depth mystery/puzzle game. It has tons of new puzzles to solve and some helpful new additions to set it apart from its predecessors. If you’re a newcomer to the series or if you’re an old puzzle pro, Professor Layton and the Last Specter does not disappoint and makes you eager for the next one.