“New Hero, New Enemies, Swing Action, Wii-Exclusive”

No game footage is shown in the trailer, only character art and other concept work. But it’s for the Wii! And yes, I’m saying that with exclamation marks, Rygar is on the Wii!

Based on the classic NES/Arcade game (which also made a glorious stop on PS2), this game starts the franchise anew with new characters and settings. Kikuchi wants to make a game that people can easily get into through the Wiimote, and the Wiimote will be your main control device for Rygar’s Diskarmor. He hopes to be able to show more of Rygar some time this year.

Can’t wait for this game! Tecmo is committing some good support for the Wii lately.

UPDATE from Joystiq:

Joystiq confirms that Project Rygar is NOT a port from the PS2 version and “will apparently share little in common with its series’ predecessors, with the exception of the trademark “Diskarmor” weapon.”

Thank goodness! I’m tired of developers porting PS2 games over to Wii. The Wii is about innovation, and I’m glad to see Tecmo heading in that direction.

Source: Rygar IGN and IGN Live Blog Tecmo Event