Taken from Edge magazine:

The PS3’s browser has a 0.04 share of the ‘internet market’, a miniscule proportion when compared to, say, the PC’s 88.7 percent majority, yet it’s a figure which sits comfortably ahead of the Wii’s 0.01 percent.

Worldwide estimates number the Wii’s global userbase at some 44 million, more than double the estimated 19 million PS3s sold internationally. The contrasts in web traffic bring to light the demographic trends in both audiences, with PS3 owners generally being considered more embedded in tech and game culture than most Wii owners.

I don’t use the Wii browser because I have the Internet right here on my laptop. I have never used the PS3 Web Browser so I can not say if one is better then the other. Maybe it has to do with the PS3 not having very many games to play, so when people get bored of their games the turn to the Internet. On the Wii, when people get bored with their games they turn to their VC games or WiiWare.