I have been gone all afternoon and when i returned, I returned to a fury of activity on the post about the PS3 sales. I scanned through the comments and I saw that people wanted numbers. So here are some numbers.

  1. PS3 sold 600,000 units through its launch weekend. which blows away Nintendo’s 105,000 and and xbox-360 70,000, during their launch weekends. Yes this is very impressive, I’m not going to lie.
  2. I’m getting different reports on how many where sold in the UK, it was around 165,000. Down 82% the next week, you can do the math.
  3. Sony World wide has only sold 2.3m, 360 10.8m, Wii 5.2m
  4. Sony only Sold about 75% of it’s Shipments during the European launch

I hope this clears some things up. I am going to start a Discussion in our forms so this can be discussed further

Source: gameroobie(confirmed by others)