On May 1., 2019 Psyonix Studios, developers behind Rocket League, announced they are officially joining the Epic Games family. Epic Games is most notably known for creating the Fortnite phenomenon and being home to the Epic Games Store. It appears they are quickly becoming home to all the phenomenons now…

Despite this being a good transaction between the two companies, it does raise some major questions for both the companies. Mainly being “How will it affect Rocket League and its community” and well luckily the answer was: Nope!

While this is only a brief description of Epic Game’s recent acquisition, more information can be found here.

Do you play any of Epic Game’s titles? Are you a fan of Rocket League? How do you feel about this recent acquisition? We’d love to hear your feedback on our various social media pages, or in the comments below. For those unaware of what Rocket League is, or were debating on purchasing it like I was, you should check out our review on it here.