Little Mac and the gang are back with a unique boxing experience!

19th March 2009 – The legendary arcade classic Punch-Out!! is back with a vengeance on Wii, but this time it packs an even bigger punch! Featuring all of the well-known characters from Glass Joe to Von Kaiser, superb colour action and classic ring craft, but with the addition of enhanced functionality for the Wii, the game returns for another assault in Europe on May 22nd 2009.

After a flawless fight record on the NES and Super NES, Punch-Out!! revives the story of Little Mac as you follow his journey from up-and-coming boxer in the Bronx, NY to become the boxing World champion. The game reunites the much-loved mean men of the World Video Boxing Association, who Little Mac must challenge and defeat one-by-one. The truly international line-up includes all the wacky favourites from Von Kaiser, King Hippo and Doc Louis.

The game brings the tactics and skills of boxing to the Wii as you spot weaknesses in your opponent’s armoury – such as changes in their body position – and exploit them with your best upper cuts, hooks and jabs. However, this time the game packs even more power with bold new 3D graphics and the introduction of the motion sensing controls of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to give a more instinctive boxing experience as you weave, bob and duck your way to the top!

The Wii offers great new control schemes, using both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to utilise the Wii’s motion controls to mimic the movements of the left and right hands and the second “classic” control system, where the original NES controls use the Wii Remote in a sideways position to simulate the NES controller and gives the real retro fight feel that Punch-Out!! fans love.

Punch-Out!! Will certainly bring the thrills of the big ring to Wii and will give you the chance to experience fight night in the comfort of your own living room. It’s seconds out and time for round one….keep poised for further details soon!

Super Punch Out!

For those who want to get into training for the upcoming Wii game, the Super NES sequel to Punch-Out! Super Punch-Out! will be available via Virtual Console from Friday 20th March!

Face against your favourite opponents from the arcade and NES versions, along with a roster of all-new foes, on your way to the top of the WVBA (World Video Boxing Association) rankings. Take on 16 opponents in Championship Mode, learning their techniques and weak points to take them down, or practise your skills on single opponents in Time Attack Mode!

Bold, colourful graphics and dramatic sound effects set the scene for what promises to be the fight of your life in Punch-Out!! which will be available for Wii across Europe from 22nd May onwards.