• completing a circuit changes Little Mac’s outfit (green, to blue, to ect…)
  • use all three stars at once for a triple star spinning uppercut
  • ring size/venue changes from circuit to circuit
  • Little Mac wears a helmet in the training session (details discussed earlier)
  • as mentioned before, there will be specific challenges in Exhibition mode

Von Kaiser challenges:

  • Win the fight and land EVERY punch thrown
  • TKO Von Kaiser in under a minute
  • KO Von Kaiser with only 5 punches

Glass Joe challenges:

  • knock him down three times, but let him win by decision
  • find the one-punch knockout
  • win a fight without dodging/blocking/ducking
  • camera zooms in as you beat up your opponent
  • pressing the minus button between rounds will regain health. This is allowed once per fight, you’ll see a visual confirmation of the button press when Doc Louis eats a chocolate bar
  • lose 100 times and earn the training helmet to make you invincible
  • you can also tap 1 and 2 to regain health after being knocked down
  • depleted heart meter means you can’t punch
  • special mode unlocked after you beat the game (details are secret)