In less then an hour the 3DS coverage should began. Nintendo will be kicking off their 3Ds event for North America in NY. I decided to best way for all of us is to put all the major information in one post; release date, prices, launch titles. New screens and stuff I will put into another post. We may also have a live-blog of the event.

<a href=”;task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=34c2e5eefd” mce_href=”;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=34c2e5eefd” >Nintendo 3DS Coverage</a>

  • Black and Blue at launch in NA
  • Friend codes, but only one per system.
  • 30 titles between Nintendo and 3rd parties.
  • Nintendo 3DS detail video shown off at the NA event. ]