Pure Nintendo is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of U Host, a Nintendo Web Framework game from Bear Box Media. We have an exclusive early look at the game, and information you wont find elsewhere.

Nintendo gamers may know Bear Box Media from their Wii U debut, Internal Invasion, or StarDueler, a teased game not due out for some time.  U Host meanwhile is looking at a release as soon as October … “maybe even sooner if I can push things forward” says developer Andy Ford.

U Host is an eShop exclusive which allows players to take on the role of a game show quiz host.  What will you be allowed to do?  ” Pretty much anything you can think of involved with quizzes” says Andy.  This includes, but is not limited to, having multiple question categories, bonus rounds, penalties, mini games, etc.

Andy expounded on the mini games (which have already been designed) for Pure Nintendo …

“Minigames will generally be the Contestants vs the Host, where the Host will either set up the game before play begins, or will simultaneously play alongside the contestants trying to impede their progress. Others will be all against all, even allowing Hosts to get their own scores.”

The question categories will cover a wide range, from history, technology, and beyond.  The current plan even allows users to make their own questions!  Add that to players adding their own rules and penalties, and it should make for some multiplayer fun with high replayability.

“I will be adding in the ability to add in custom questions and up to 4 different answers (Only 1 being correct), along with holding quizzes/gameshows that can be up to 5 rounds of which the Host will also be able to name.  Players will be able to recreate games similar to wheel of fortune, who wants to be a millionaire, and even board game style quizzes.”

Images are few at the moment – the above announcement image is the first – however “all of the questions have been (painstakingly) written out, and the menus are almost completed”.  North American Wii U owners can look forward to playing this shortly.  Price and launch windows for other regions are TBA.


Below are a few snippets of additional information …

– The Host can set up a quiz prior and save it to the console.

– The Host can read questions off the GamePad, or display them on the TV.

– Players can alert the host that they have an answer by buzzing in with a Wiimote, Pro Controller, or even their own voice.  Fully playable with just the GamePad alone.

– Additionally, a free app is being developed that will allow players to use their mobile devices as U Host buzzers.

– Although it’s designed for multiplayer, it will include a single player mode as well.

– The developer welcomes feedback, so give him a follow and chat on Twitter (@BearBoxMedia)


Some concluding words that Andy shared with Pure Nintendo …

“I wanted to create a game that encourages people to talk to each other. I love local multiplayer games, and I only came up with the idea for U Host after sitting down with my family one evening to watch a quiz show on TV. We found ourselves guessing the answers, arguing with each other, laughing, and just having fun! If I can create something that will allow that, then all the better!”

Thanks to Andy Ford of Bear Box Media for sharing this exclusive reveal with Pure Nintendo!