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It’s been a little while, longer then I planned, to write my next Gamer Dad article. Before I move on to my topic of “Falling back in love with the 3DS,” I have to admit something first. I really don’t play video games to relax. Yes, playing video games is a great way to relieve stress, unwind, and entertain some time, but when I’m very tired, I don’t find myself turning on my video game systems. After 14-hours of work, Pure Nintendo and now major family stuff, I would rather sit and vegetate while watching TV. Call me lazy, it takes a lot less effort to do that than focus on a video game, especially when you’re running on a low amount of sleep.

With all that said, I have re-kindled my love for handheld gaming and the 3DS. I was never a huge handheld video game player. If I was at home, I would rather play console games. The only time I would really spend with my handhelds was on vacation away from my console. That changed after I got married and my “vacation” time was spent driving around in circles visiting all the different families. Long story short, I haven’t spent as much time with my 3DS as I should and I feel bad about that.

That has all changed with having a child.  My 3DS has become my best friend with its quick and easiness to play. There are times I pretty much keep the 3DS on all day, with the shell closed. When I have 10 or 15 minutes and want to play games, all I have to do is open the 3DS and continue were I left off. I guess this could be done with the Wii U, but it’s not as feasible and power efficient. Plus, my son is still too small (growing fast) to handle his own body by himself. It’s a little easier to handle a 3DS in my hands then a GamePad. This could all change in a month.

The easy to use and quick access of the 3DS, or handhelds, is something we have lost focus about when it comes to the debate on Console vs. Portable. Right now these systems have two different functions. One’s for easy, quick, portable play and the other is for longer involved play. There’s a reason Nintendo built a power saving, or sleep mode, into DS/3DS when the shell is closed. It adds to the portability and the usefulness of playing a handheld wherever and whenever you have time. For me, turning to a console game requires at least an hour of time. If I don’t have that hour, I may turn to another means of entertainment like the Nintendo 3DS.