When Nintendo first announced the Wii U  I am sure all  Nintendo fans thoughts immediately went to the major game franchises; Smash Brothers, Zelda, Mario, Pikmen. Donkey Kong. I am sure these will first day buys for most people. I am not here to talk about those games everyone is thinking about. I am here to tell you, with all my infinite wisdom and knowledge, the five Wii U games that you may not know you want.

Mario Party

For those of you who are hardcore Pure Nintendo fans. You may know two franchises that I am not a big fan of playing. First is music games and second, which I absolutely loath, are Mario Party games. With that said, I am interested in the ideas the Wii U could present for a Mario Party game. Many of the tech demo ideas shown off at E3 2011, like Chase Mii and Shield Pose, could be used in the next Mario Party game. If Nintendo indeed adds the ability to use two Upads, there could easily be games that feature two on two battles. In these battles the two players using Upads see a different perspective then the two using the Wiimotes. We could add a new team perspective of playing the game.

A virtual hide and seek game.

Trust me I thought myself lame when I dreamed up this idea, but stick with me before you turn away from this site. The most fascinating thing about the Wii U is the ability for players, using the Upad, to see something different then what is on-screen. Lets go with the notion again that we will be able to use two Upads. Ok, lets imagine a wide open world were you can take your Mii’s around and explore. You can climb trees, mountains; swim underwater, whatever you can imagine. The idea is for the other person/persons, to find you in this virtual world. By using the Upad’s the people hiding can move around to different places with out someone screen glancing. Lets throw in the capability to place traps and other stuff to make the game more Nintendo interesting.

Splinter Cell

I am sure that a Splinter Cell game will come to the Wii U at some time but it may not be a game you thought about. Imagine using all of Fishers gadgets with the Upad. You could control a drone by using the motion of the Upad. With the view of the drone on the Upad screen, this could leave Fisher open to move a round a little while using the drone. Which could add an interesting dynamic to the game. How about using the Upad like a mirror. When standing by a door a button could be pressed, lets say the A, which has Fisher pull out the mirror and stick it under the door to see what is on the other side. Instead of seeing the mirror on the TV screen the Upad could become the mirror. Rotate the Upad around to move the mirror different directions to see more of the room. This could also be used for sticking a mirror overhead or around the corner. I am not going to mention the obvious of having all of the gadgets at your fingertips with the Upad.

Board Games

We saw an example of this idea during the Nintendo’s announcement video of the Wii U during E3. Just imagine you are having a  lazy weekend afternoon and your dad took over the TV to watch the Food Network. What are you and your siblings supposed to do? Well you could pull out your Upad and start-up the many different board games it may offer; Chess, Checkers, Sorry, etc. By using the Wii U’s streaming capability, you do not need to worry what is going on with your TV. You have your Upad.

Video streaming

I know this is not a game but it’ and idea I first had after the Wii U was announced. Once again lets put our imagination caps on as I guide you through and evening of being married.  (no I am not married) After a long day at work you are looking forward to just relaxing and possibly catching up on some episodes of Dexter on Netflix. Hold on…your wife has taken over the TV to watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. What are you going to do? Well you could fire up the Wii U, turn on Netflix, scoop a bowl of ice cream, provide that ice cream and the remote to your lovely wife,  then go off to enjoy your show on the Upad.

These are just some of the ideas I am fantasizing over with the Wii U. There are a lot more things that Nintendo could do with this system. What games do you think would use the Wii U capabilities well?