Bernd Geiblinger of Bplus Games talks with Pure Nintendo about the imminent release of PUZZLEBOX setup for 3DS …


PN: Thanks for joining us once again Bernd.  To begin for those as yet unfamiliar with it, could you please give a quick overview of your new 3DS game, PUZZLEBOX setup?

In PUZZLEBOX setup you hold the Nintendo 3DS system upside-down. Use the stylus to select a colored tile on the Touch Screen which is then on the upper side. If you release the color the tile falls down in the selected column. Let the matching tiles fall into the glass bottle on the 3D Screen to copy a painting or to complete a setup.

PN: What made you decide to move from the action-adventure realm and do a puzzle game?

As you know, the story on Kubi’s adventure isn’t finished with Bit Boy!! ARCADE. While a successor is in development, I wanted to release a smaller, cheaper title with a lower level of difficulty to reach a wider range of players.HowToPlay_Classic

PN: What puzzle game(s) if any would you say PUZZLEBOX setup draws inspiration from?

To be honest, PUZZLEBOX setup originally wasn’t meant to be a puzzle game. As I developed the successor to Bit Boy!! ARCADE I had so much fun by using the self developed level maker, so I came up with the idea to do a separate game out of it. First PUZZLEBOX setup was just meant to fill out a scrolling setup as you do in the Classic Mode, but while playing around with it, I tried to create images, which was fun too, so the Copycat Mode was born. You can say, PUZZLEBOX setup was born out of some fun experiences through developing another game. This is how it can happen sometimes. ^^

PN: Holding the 3DS upside down is certainly a unique feature!  Was this something you planned from the outset, or did it get added as the game developed?

I always wanted to create a game, where the fact that only one of the Nintendo 3DS’ screens is a touch screen, is used as a feature. I knew that there was not enough space on one single screen to select colors, set the position and show a level at the same time so I needed to use both screens. And cause the upper screen was not a touch screen I decided to experiment with the Nintendo 3DS system held upside down which worked better than expected first. With the feeling to be able to drop tiles down from one screen to another while I wasn’t able to touch the tiles on the lower side, it just felt like dropping tiles into a bottle – so the comparison of making a ship in a bottle was clear. When playing the Copycat Mode you need a high level of precision with the stylus, this also feels like you want to build a ship in a bottle – that is why PUZZLEBOX setup is also called “Upside-Down Puzzle in a bottle”.


PN: Your last game, Bit Boy!! ARCADE, had great 3D effects!  Is this something you aimed to achieve with PUZZLEBOX setup as well?

You know, I really love the 3D effect on the Nintendo 3DS. So as I started to make a simple puzzle game I could not let me decide to only use a blank background for it. Instead I created some lovely animated 3D environments with real stereoscopic depth to enjoy. While it is not really necessary to play the game with 3D turned on – it works well with the Nintendo 3DS held upside down and it adds a great 3D atmosphere to the flat puzzle game.

PN: How about play coin use?  Will you once again incorporate these into the game?

This time the Play Coins can take a break. PUZZLEBOX setup was made to be played by everyone so the level of difficulty is not really high – there are no lives or continues you could use Play Coins for, but I promise that you will see some appearance and new functionality for the Play Coins in the successor to Bit Boy!! ARCADE.CopycatMode_icon

PN: Could you elaborate on some of the games features that promote replay value?  The Copycat mode for instance sounds like it’ll be a completionist’s cup of tea …

While the Classic Mode offers scrolling setups to complete, the Copycat Mode needs you to finish still images without any time limit. ‘Precision’ is the keyword in both of the modes. If you manage to set 5 matching tiles in a chain you will be rewarded with a Combo Coin. Every level has a specific number of Combo Coins to reach. The higher the precision, the higher your Combo Coin Count. There is a total amount of 2382 Combo Coins. Can you get them all and clear the game 100% ? While PUZZLEBOX setup is not a huge game, I guess it will take you some hours to do so.

Screen_Kubi_CopycatPN: In closing, why is PUZZLEBOX setup a game 3DS owners would do well to consider picking up?

Fresh and innovative gameplay is what the eShop is made for. Get this relaxing, christmas themed, upside-down puzzle at a low price of 2.99 – and support a small indie developer. There’s a Kubi tiles set to unlock. Now you need to get this. [=)]


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