The 60 hours that we were down started out extremely stressful for me then ended with me stepping back and thinking about what we had accomplished, with Pure Nintendo, and how great my time has been. I really want to thank you guys for all your support through out the years. Even after being down for 60 hours and with being down almost half of today, our views to the site will come out about average. I will be honest I was not expecting to have very many views today…I am sorry I doubted you guys and your loyalty to the site.  I am very impressed and honored to see you all turn back to the site so quickly after it had been down for so long.

Now a little info about what happened. Around 11 pm ET time Sunday, the server we are hosts our site pulled a Charlie Sheen and went crazy. (Sorry had to do it) It did more then goes crazy, it died. I have mixed views on how our hosts handled the down time. I am not here to point fingers, its back up and everything is fine now. I would like to end with letting you all know how awesome Justin is. Justin took the restore of the site in his own hands and after hours of work, got it back up around 11:30 am today. If it weren’t for his super powers, who knows how long we would have been down.

Also it seems like some of you may have to re-upload your profile pictures. Mine seems gone and a few of yours seems to be too. Sorry for the inconvenience.