Jools Watsham, aka Renegade Kid, was kind enough to give me some hands on with his upcoming eShop title, Mutant Mudds.

Mutant Mudds is a side scrolling adventure that features multilayered gaming. While most side scrolling games only offer one plane to move in, Mutant Mudds offers three. Each 2D level offers Maximilian, the protagonist, the ability to switch between different planes of the level, by using warp like pads. This adds an interesting depth to the Mutant Mudds puzzles…literally. When Maximilian is running around the furthest plane he appears smaller and far away. When Maximilian jumps to the closest plane he is bigger and more up-close. Mutant Mudds is perfect for the 3DS and the 3D effect. With these changing planes of view the 3D adds great depth that enhances the change.

The game play and controls for Mutant Mudds reminds me a lot of an old NES game; Bucky O Hair. For those of you who have not played that game…lets just say like the old Mega Man (But the Bucky example is better) You shot you appoints while also jumping and ducking their attacks. While tapping the jump button for a second time Max will use his jetpack to hover over in the air for a short time. This adds an interesting gameplay value making you time your jumps perfectly to make it to the next platform.

Mutant Mudds has that classic game feel but with a modern spin. This may not seem to journalistic for me to say, but I absolutely loved Mutant Mudds.   You can expect Mutant Mudds on the eShop channel by the end of the year.