1. Games Convention 08
    1. Bigger than E3
    2. House of the Dead Overkill
    3. Trailer for Cursed Mountain
    4. Mad World Footage
    5. Sadness trailer
    6. Guitar Hero Pay and Play
    7. Sonic Unleashed
    8. Need for Speed Undercover
    9. EA announces Tennis Motion Plus
    10. Samba de Amigo
    11. The Conduit Video, LAN support planned
  2. Chrono Trigger DS Nov. 25
  3. Street Fighter IV doable
  4. Nintendo DS back on top in Japan
  5. Nintendo Power Info
    1. Animal Crossing
    2. Chinatown Wars next issue
  6. PAX next week

We had a lot of fun in this week’s episode talking about the Games Convention in Leipzig and all of the upcoming 3rd party games for the Wii/DS.  Also, we did something different for this week’s episode where we took just the raw audio from our recording, so you’ll hear some bloopers and other….goo..d…stuff : )