This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma, Kirk, and Trev talk about the games they’re playing this week, including Golden Sun, Sea of Stars, and The Legend of Steel Empire.

Last week, we talked about the amazing new Prince of Persia title, and we touch on that again during the show to highlight the accolades trailer. This leads to a discussion of a few elements we like about the game, including amulets and the map system.

We also talk about the latest Mario Vs. Donkey Kong trailer, which shows off the game’s intro. It looks lovely, and sets the scene for the story that follows.

We’re also playing a lot of games this week. Jemma has dipped into the Golden Sun sequel that launched this week on the Nintendo Switch Online collection. This Game Boy Advance title picks up where the original left off, and it leads to a fun discussion of alchemy, among other things.

Meanwhile, Kirk is playing Sea of Stars – which is now getting a physical release in May – and Legend of the Steel Empire. Trev, on the other hand, is playing Hidden Through Time 2, a hidden-object title. Jemma is also playing Composer World. Should she create a new theme song for the show?

We wrap up the show by highlighting a few recent Switch 2 rumors. The interwebs are abuzz with the wait for news from Nintendo, so we take the time to sift through some of the more fun or interesting rumors while we wait for something official.

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Until next time, game on everyone!

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