This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma, Kirk, Trev, and Justin discuss the recent Pokémon Presents shwocase, talking about the updates and announcements.

Last week, we discussed Nintendo’s Partner Showcase. This week it’s all about the Pokémon equivalent as we celebrate last week’s Pokémon Day on February 27. The presentation gives us updates on Pokémon GO, Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Unite, and Pokémon Violet/Scarlet. Plus two new games were announced in the form of Pokémon Trading Card Pocket for mobile, and Pokémon Legends Z-A for the Nintendo Switch. We give our impressions on each of these updates, and what we’re excited about from the world of Pokémon over the next 12 months.

We also discuss some recent Nintendo-related news, including new LEGO sets and an interesting Simpsons reference, plus we go through the games we’re playing this week. We cover everything from the cute-yet-quirky Ufouria The Sage 2 to the brain-melting Quadroids.

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Until next time, game on everyone!

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