This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma and Kirk discuss our time wtih Princess Peach: Showtime! so far, along with an update on the Zelda movie, the anniversary of the Game Boy Advance, and much more.

Last week, we discussed all things Mario in celebration of MAR10 Day. This week is all about the Muchroom Kingdom’s famed princess, Princess Peach. With her latest game out now, we talk about our time with Princess Peach: Showtime so far. And it’s looking good.

A recent interview with Wes Ball, who’s directing the upcoming Legend of Zelda movie, reveals some of his thoughts on the world he’s creating for the film. We spend some time dicussing our reactions, hopes, and thoughts on the upcoming film.

Meanwhile, the Gameboy Advance was released in Japan 23 year ago last week. We discuss our fave memories with the handheld, which games we enjoyed, and more.

We wrap up with a chat about the games we’re playing, including Princess Peach: Showtime! of course. Kirk has an interesting update on The Vale, as well as a JRPG called Legend of Legacy. Or is it Legacy of Legend?

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Until next time, game on everyone!

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