This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma and Kirk talk about a couple of water-based titles out this week, including Another Crab’s Treasure and Endless Ocean: Luminous.

Last week, we revisited Jemma’s trip in Japan, including a discussion about the amazing Super Nintendo World. This week, we take things under the ocean to discuss a couple of recently released titles set underwater.

Endless Ocean: Luminous is the third in the series, presenting a relaxing scuba-diving adventure with over 500 creatures to catalogue. Meanwhile, Another Crab’s Treasure may look cute on the surface, but it’s actually a tough Soulslike experience featuring difficult battles and plenty of collectibles.

We also delve into the altest Zelda movie news, with director Wes Ball giving fans hope that he’s taking it seriously as a fan himself. Plus, keen eyes online have spotted a new ESRB rating for something called Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition. Is this a new Remix-style game coming our way soon?

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Until next time, game on everyone!

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