This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma, Justin, and Kirk dissect the latest Nintendo Direct that showcased over 30 upcoming titles.

Last week, we spoke some upcoming games highlighted during the Summer Games Fest. This week, we were treated to a Nintendo Direct, and we break down the main titles to look forward to over the next six months.

The Direct featured a lot of titles, too many to properly mention in one episode. We pick our top titles that we’re looking forward to, from Mario + Luigi: Brotherhood to (finally) hearing more about Metroid Prime 4! Not to mention a new Zelda title, a revisit to a classic Donkey Kong title, an update to Switch Sports, Looney Tunes, RPGs, and much more. We get into all the games we’re excited about and talk about what to expect and when to expect them. We also speculate what’s next from Nintendo in terms of their next Direct and the Switch 2. It’s an exciting time to be a Nintendo fan!

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Until next time, game on everyone!

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