In this week’s episode of the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma, Trev, and Kirk chat about their time with Tears of the Kingdom since it launched. We’re one week into Hyrule’s latest adventure, how far have we traveled?

One of the best features of Tears of the Kingdom is the way you can play your own way. After departing the sky islands, did you initially go to Lookout Landing like Kirk, or avoid and start randomly exploring the world like Trev and Jemma? Have you discovered the underground areas known as chasms, or the geoglyphs? There’s one thing that’s for sure – there’s a LOT to do in this game, and we’re enjoying every second.

Last week we discussed our first impressions after mere hours into the game. This week, we discuss our time spent in Hyrule after a whole week; Trev in particular has clocked up some impressive hours.

We also highlight a few tips and tricks, and discuss those amazing sales numbers that Nintendo released. We even delve into some of the criticisms the game has received; are they justified?

Please note we do our best to avoid any major spoilers in this episode, so feel free to watch or listen even if you’re only just starting out your own adventure.

Are you enjoying Tears of the Kingdom? What’s your favorite new ability? How many shrines and Korok seeds have you found? Let us know how many hours you’ve sunk into this impressive title during YOUR first week!

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