In this week’s episode of the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma, Trev, Kirk, Justin, and Katelyn discuss our latest adventures in Hyrule as we continue our Tears of the Kingdom journey. We also delve into some other recent and upcoming games on our radar.

Last week we gave our tips and tricks for the latest Zelda outing. This week, have any of us finished the game yet? Actually, yes! And Justin takes us through his thoughts on the battles and dungeons – spoiler free, of course. We also talk about some humorous uses of the Ultrahand and Ascend abilities, along with some tips on how to catch those frisky horses.

Pikmin 4 is the next big game heading our way from Nintendo, which hits the Switch in July. We talk about our experience with the series to date, and our expectations for this new entry. We’re also interested in a few other titles either out now or coming soon, including AEW Fight Forever and Super Mega Baseball 4. Kirk takes us through some of the ins and outs of the AEW title, while Justin gives us the finer details of this interesting-sounding baseball outing.

Meanwhile, Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is out this week and we’re reviewing all three titles. Trev gives us a little more detail about what to expect from the collection.

Finally, Nintendo announced a new entry in the 1-2 Switch series – which actually wasn’t a series until now. This announcement took us all by surprise, and we end the show with a recap of our history with the first title and our expectations on the sequel.

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