This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma and Kirk discuss the latest wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC, discussing characters, tracks and the future of the series!

Last week, we touched on a myriad of games, from Lara Croft to Garden Simulator, as well as sharing our excitement for the next wave of Mario Kart DLC. This week, we’ve spent some time with the latest tracks, and we give our impressions of the courses in the Feather and Cherry Cups. We talk a bout favorite moments, which characters we’ve tried, and who we’d like to see next. We also talk about what’s next for Mario Kart. Is it time to go open world?

Kirk also gives us a rundown of the latest entry in the Zen Pinball FX series, which uses a new engine. This free-to-download game allows players to pick and choose which themes to download and play in the form of DLC, and Kirk has some thoughts on how it works. Watch for his co-review with Trev soon!

Meanwhile, Jemma has been playing an action-adventure titles called Bleak Sword DX, a retro-inspired outing with a black-white-and-red aesthetic. It’s fun, tough, and comes packed with content, so watch for Jemma’s upcoming review.

Finally, we chat about Pokémon Sleep, a new app in beta mode that tracks your sleep while collecting pocket monster. This leads us to a discussion of other health-based apps, like Pokémon Smile. Have you tried any similar apps?

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