This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Trev, Kirk, and Jemma discuss the latest from Nintendo, including the news that Charles Martinet is stepping down as the voice of Mario.

We begin the show discussing our thoughts on the voice actor behind Mario and several other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Charles Martinet. It was recently announced that this fan-favorite actor is stepping down as the voice of Mario, but staying on as an ambassador at Nintendo.

Last week, we discussed Kirk’s trip to New York to attend a special event run by Konami. We revisit this with some more detail on games like Metal Gear Solid and Super Crazy Rhythm Castle.

Jemma also revisits Samba de Amigo and Vampire Survivors with an update on each of these two titles. We also talk about the latest track to join Mario Kart Tour’s roster, as well as other games we’re playing such as Touhou: New World and Mr. Run and Jump.

Until next time, game on everyone!

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