A lot of people play video games or go fishing to escape from reality and relax.  Xseed’s Fishing Resort marries these two relaxing past times into an enjoyable fishing experience.

Looking back at my childhood I had some great fishing memories with my father and grandfather. There’s nothing like sitting in nature, without a care in the world, you and the water…nothing….but….fish……sorry I got carried away. With Xseed’s Fishing Resort they try to give you a variety of different fishing experiences for everyone to enjoy.

The story is simple, it’s a fishing game, ok there is a little more than that. You play as a character that decides that he/she needs a break from their busy life and pay, probably some crazy amount, to be taken to this fishing utopia to join a community of fishing lovers. Some how this resort has found a way to solve world hunger and the economy with one simple task…fishing. The way you survive is simple; the more rare, bigger fish that you catch equals more money you can make.  At the end of each day you are forced to turn in the catches, which is then exchanged for fishing utopia currency. What the resort does with the fish after they buy it from you is up to them.

There are multiple areas and resorts. Each resort offers a different type of fish and just as many ways to catch them. For example, the first resort is based on a beach. All the fishing, at this point, is bobber fishing (the fishing where you just sit there and wait). The second resort is set on a lake/swamp. This lake offers the ability to learn how to lure fish. As the game goes on, and the player’s skill rises, other fishing abilities become available, like fly fishing and deep-sea fishing.

There are a lot of reasons to earn more money on a daily basis–Players use money to get around and for the basic survival need of shelter. I was surprised to find out that once I packed up and headed to another resort, I was being charged, per night, for the room I was staying in. This utopia makes you fish and work for your stay. There is no lying around on your butt all day and enjoying the scenery. Money can also be used for travelling around by renting bicycles, different types of boats or even taking different fishing lessons.

Now probably the most important part of a fishing game, the fishing. Like I said earlier, I actually enjoy fishing. To me it takes a good fishing game to keep me interested. I have to say Fishing Resort kept me interested. There are a variety of techniques to use to catch over 300 different types of fish. You can also show off your fish by opening up an aquarium to showcase your best catches–which is another way to make money. For a video game the fishing seems pretty real, sped up yes, but pretty real. The fish battles can last anywhere from 1 min to 10 min. The waiting games, which kill me, can last 10 min, and when you finally have that catch, it’s a log (Happened to me a few times). One thing I noticed about the game is the sound. Not a lot of music plays while the player is actually fishing.  When the player is fishing, only the ambient sounds of fishing and the environment around can be heard. Finally, you can do what all real fishermen do. Show off your catch by adding it to the online leader board.

Fishing Resort is more than just a fishing game; it’s a fishing life style. Everyone in the game is just trying to make a living doing what they love best, fishing.  If you are a fan of fishing, and are looking for a slow-paced, relaxing, video game to play, Fishing Resort is for you.