Vampire Moon: Mystery of the hidden Sun, you play as a young women journalist who finds herself sucked into a mystery of missing people and a weird solar eclipse while visiting Transylvania.

The gameplay idea is pretty simple. Majority of the game time spent searching for clues or certain random objects, that really don’t have much to do about anything, and piecing together torn maps.  You use the touch screen to scan landscapes in search of hidden items or to pull pieces of a puzzle together.


  • Fairly decent and respectable puzzle challenges.
  • Progression of difficulty is fair.
  • Beautiful and intriguing art design.
  • Controls work well.


  • Game progression is slow.
  • Story doesn’t drag you in.
  • The same idea for puzzles over and over.


If you are looking for DS puzzle game that would keep your attention during a road trip; Vampire Moon could be for you. No the game will not blow your mind, but what it is, it does well.