North America Nintendo direct HERE

Japan Nintendo Direct info.

Kid Icarus:

-Battle mode showed off.
-Collect three parts of a weapon to release one powerful blast.
-Two teams, dark and light. When a team starts to lose a Angel will appear. The teams last player will be that angel. The game ends when the Angel dies.
-three vs three mode and free for all.

-Weapons have different powers and abilities. “Like playing as a new player.” The more powerful the weapon the more live your team will lose when someone dies.

-Single player mode.
-Will have a seriousness slider.The more serious you are the better items you can get. Once you die the level will drop. You will also lose the hearts you wager. Recommends moving the difficulty up slowly.

-Flying tips. When things get crazy..stop shooting. Shooting slows you down by 75%. Recommends using weapons like a club..that moves faster.

Set up your powers and weapons for your character. These fit together like a Tetris game.

Make weapon gems to share with friends. Nintendo wants to send out weapons gems via streetpass.

Mario Tennis

-May24 release in Japan
-Will have button, touch, and motions controls.
-PLay four people on one game. Or play online.

Fire Emblem
-Will have DLC.
-First DLC will be free from April 19th until May 31.New maps and episodes..ect
-Will have an original Fire Emblem pre-paid card.

-Kingdom hearts to release March 24th in Japan.
-Run Factory 4 due out in July..In Japan.

-Game Gear coming to eShop channel. Sonic game to be released next week.

-some teaser was shown for a game cross-over by SEGA, Capcom and Namco..published by Namco.

-New title being developed with Dr. Kawashima of Brain Age.New game will focus on Memory and Concentration

-The training is very hard. Iwata refers to it as refer to it as Oni Training, or devil training.

-Iwata speaks about Monster Hunter 3G download quests. Three challenge quests will be available later today

-There will also be Hatsune Miku demo today and videos for Kingdom Hearts 3D and Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D.

-The presentation ends with a 9 min Kingdom hearts trailer.

Europe Nintendo Direct info.

-Same as the Japanese one.

-Mario Tennis coming to Europe May 25th.

-Fire Emblem coming to Europe this year.

-Kingdom Hearts sometime in 2012.

-Game Gear coming to Europe eShop mid-march.

-The presentation tells European Zelda fans to check their letterbox for a surprise. Wonder what it could be?

Nintendo Direct: America details.

-Last Story announced for this year, from Xseed.

-Mario Tennis coming to NA May 20th.

-Xenoblade boxart winner announced.

Something new about mario tennis that wasn’t in the Japanese presentation. Use the gyro scope to look around the court to see different things.

In just a few short hours Nintendo will be holding their first of three Nintendo direct presentations. I will be up and live blogging constantly from 5:45 – 10 am tomorrow. As well as live blogging I will be updating this post with all the information, so you can have it all in one place. Below is the time rundown of the events. You will also be able to live chat with us during the presentations.

Japan Nintendo direct: 6 am et

Europe Nintendo direct: 7 am et.

North America Nintendo direct: 9 am et.

At 8 am we may also get a special announcment from 2K.

With all that done…i will see everyone one at 5:45 am. It will be a great and long morning. I will have my coffee ready.