Let us face it; the Wii has nothing for users to be really excited about except for Skyward Sword. Wii owners have been tossed aside by developers for bigger better things like the Wii U. Which honestly is expected and I am ok with. I spent some time looking through my backlog of Wii games to see what I might have missed playing. I have come up with a list of 5 Wii games I recommend to hold you over until the Wii U comes out.

Red Steel 2

Lets not confuse this with Red Steel the launch game, which was…well lacking in goodness. Instead lets focus on Reed Steel 2, which brought us a sword wielding game that we dreamed the first game was.

In Red Steel 2 you take control of a cowboy/ninja who is thrust to shoot and slice his way through the town. RS2 uses the Wii-motion Plus to give the player a more realistic sword-fighting feel. There is a great deal of depth in the controls and different combos that can be achieved by different actions. The game handles very well and is down right fun.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

If you are looking for a fun, multiplayer, puzzle game, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is the game for you.  Zack & Wiki are two treasure hunters in search of… well a treasure. The levels are full of mind-teasing puzzles as you try to make your way to the treasure at the end of the road. It is a great game to play with a group of friends.

No More Heroes 1/ 2

Just a warning to all the parents out there, No More Heroes 1 / 2 are both very mature games attended for adult audiences.

No More Heroes is a quirky, arcade style, over the top, fighting game for adults. No More heroes came from the genius, or crazy, mind of Suda 51 and offers its players an entertaining fighting experience, as well as some quirky 8-bit minigames.

The Conduit 1 / 2

Both Conduit games have come under some scrutiny from the media and fans. The truth is High Voltage has put together two fairly decent games with an effective online mode. Let me stop right here and say that for me Conduit 2 was a way better experience than its predecessor. If you were on the fence about these games before, now may be a good time to pick them up at a bargain price. I really did have some fun playing both of these games online, especially Conduit 2.

Epic Mickey

One again Epic Mickey was probably one of those games that people were on the fence about. Epic Mickey may have some control issues but the story and the feel of the game comes right out of the old Disney storybook, the darker Disney not this kiddie Disney now. Epic Mickey can now be picked up at bargain prices of around $30.

These five games, plus Skyward Sword, should hopefully tie you over until the launch of the Wii  you later next year.