This post, this one right here, is where we will put all the information from tonight’s Nintendo Direct. AT 11 pm eastern time we will have Nintendo of Japan’s video followed by a few announcements from Nintendo of America. It will then be all wrapped up with the European Nintendo Direct at 7 am et.

Watch the Japanese version HERE

Watch the European version HERE

Japan Nintendo Direct Highlights:

  • New 3DS Mario game shown off “New Super Mario Bros. 2”.  The game is a side-scrolling adventure.
  • Animal Crossing will be out in the fall.
  • New Firmware update coming soon: Will add the ability to put programs in folders. The folders will hold 60 different items. The folders can be named.
  • Also new firmware update will add a patch to fix some shortcuts in Mario Kart 7!
  • In celebration of Kirby’s 20th anniversary. “3D Classics Kirby will be released on 4/25. Nintendo will release Memorial versions of classic Kirby games on Wii starting this summer”
  • Just Dance has sold 230 million.
  • Just Dance Wii 2 will be out in July for Japan.

North American News:

Coming from Nintendo NA Twitter:

1. Get ready to update your Nintendo #3DS on 4/25! This system update will let you organize your HOME Menu.

2 Mario fans get excited b/c New Super Mario Bros. 2 is launching for Nintendo #3DS in August!

Coming from Nintendo NA Facebook:

We’re thrilled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirby by releasing a special Wii disc featuring all your favorite Kirby games this year! Which Kirby games are looking forward to playing again?