Nashville, TN – June 7, 2017 – Pure Nintendo would like to invite Nintendo fans of all ages to support our new initiative in reviving Pure Nintendo Magazine (PNM) in print form. We want to be a magazine not just for those who remembered joining the Nintendo Fun Club, but also to that upcoming generation of gamers who are growing up with a console in their living room just as we did all those years ago. We at Pure Media LLC do not simply request your monetary support but, as Pure Nintendo Magazine grows, we are counting on your input. Which articles do you like reading? Do you have a particular question for a development studio we are covering? These are just a couple of the suggestions we want from our readers. Please join us in making 2017 our greatest year yet!

We are not just a magazine, we are fans just like you.

~ Justin, James, Katelyn, Kaelyn, Matt, Trevor, Alex, Jemma, and Harrison

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