In anticipation for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, I decided to bust out my SNES and relive the old classic that is A Link To The Past. What better way to get excited for the sequel than to play the prequel? At this point we all know how the game starts. Link is summoned by Zelda to save her and Hyrule in the process. This time though, I took a different perspective to how the game begins. Link is sleeping in bed. Its just a normal night for him and for all he knows, Zelda communicating to him is just a dream and nothing more.

It almost feels like there’s more question to “Why is my Uncle leaving the house in the middle of the stormy night with his sword and shield?” rather than some voice in his head. Again, Link is still a child. For all we know he’s only held a sword to practice with and has never fought for his life…until now.

Shortly after Zelda’s rescue, Link soon discovers that he needs to obtain the blade of evils bane to rid Hyrule of its new threat. But it would take proof of Courage, Wisdom and Power to obtain it. Link, as well as new players, are still in the blue when it comes to the legend of the sacred realm and the disappearance of the seven maidens. Even when you meet Sahasrahla he doesn’t tell you everything until you’ve proven your courage.

So you head to the Eastern Palace. The first dungeon for you the player and most of all, Link. This is something completely new and you have no idea what monsters dwell within. This dungeon itself is a symbol of Links courage, as he steps into the unknown with few answers to his many questions.

After the completion of the Eastern Palace, you then head to the desert for the second pendant representing Wisdom. This time around, you have a bit more experience under your belt and a good idea of what to expect. It’s time to use all of your knowledge, or in this case wisdom, to solve the puzzles that stand in your way.

Lastly, the pendant of Power located in the Tower of Hera. By this time, you’ve fought multiple enemies, solved challenging puzzles and have climbed your way up to the top to finish off the last boss that stands between you and the Master Sword. This boss is one of the most interesting in the Zelda universe. Not so much his appearance, rather though, his boss room.  Falling off the edge will cause you to fall, not to your death, but to the floor below you. This if anything feels like a sumo match, which is a match of strength and power. See the connection?

You’ve done it. Courage, Wisdom and Power are now yours. Each representing the elements that makes up the Triforce. This made me think of the correlation between the location of each pendant and each piece of the Triforce. The bottom right piece represents Courage. The bottom left, Wisdom and Power stands at the top. Where are each of the pendants located? Courage is at the Eastern Palace. Wisdom, at the western desert and lastly power located at the highest point in Hyrule.

Coincidence? I think not. Clever symbolism? Yes.

This may be a small thing that I’ve discovered, but it made me look at A Link to The Past in a different perspective. It may even be something that many have found out when they first played A Link to The Past. If anything, it proves even further why some Zelda fans consider this game to be the best in the franchise. Take it as you will, its just Purely Opinion.