Modern games today are full of so much immersion that draw us into the action to the point, that we truly begin to relate and even go as far as to emote for the characters current situation. So much emotion, so much passion and dedication go into these cinematic marvels that by the end, we’re glad to have seen the journey through and sadden by its conclusion.

But even in the early days of gaming, game developers still managed to pull us in. The message that gamers and non-gamers seem to recall the most can be found in the game that truly gave Mario his shining start. After getting our feet wet in 1-1, we braved the underground of the Mushroom Kingdom. Shortly after, we scaled the high platforms with the castle that held the Princess just off in the distance. After evading hazard after hazard, the mighty King Koopa fell into the lava below…or so we thought.

“Thank You Mario! But Our Princess Is In Another Castle.” It was at that moment, that we knew our journey was just beginning. But we would go through seven castles total, each yielding the same response. By the fourth or fifth castle, doubt began to creep in. “What’s the point of continuously risking my many in-game lives, if she’s not going to be in the next castle and so on?”. But perhaps that’s all part of the adventure.

Take a look at the relationship between Mario and Peach. It’s quite obvious that they love one other and that Mario would do anything to keep her safe. Put yourself in Mario’s overalls for a moment and picture the person closest to you in Princess Peach’s situation. Wouldn’t you do anything to save them? Wouldn’t you keep searching endlessly for them even if you run into some dead ends like a fake castle? Chances are you would.

Lets say you’re currently not in a relationship. Lets say you’re still searching for that perfect someone. Sure you may have tried with others in the past, but sadly, it didn’t turn out the way you would have hoped. But no matter what you keep trying, cause in the end, your princess (or prince) is waiting for you in another castle. Along the way, you may run into some troubling times, you may find something completely new. But that’s what the adventure is all about. Besides, nothing good or worthwhile in life ever came easy. And when you do find that person, and you will, you’ll look back on what you overcame to get that far and feel proud that you stuck through it.

Now this whole thing may seem like a far stretch trying to compare love to just a few simple words in if anything a very simple game. To some it may touch them deep and to others not so much.

But hey, this is just Purely Opinion.