Nintendo announced the return of the Nintendo World Championships in typically entertaining fashion.  The web quickly became abuzz, with gamers sharing their excitement.  Nintendo World Championships started trending on Twitter within minutes after the reveal.  Overall it was a good day to be a Nintendo fan.

The Nintendo World Championships tap into nostalgia in a way that only Nintendo can do.  Neither Sony or Microsoft have been in the console business long enough to effectively play the nostalgia card yet.  Longevity aside though, Nintendo simply knows both the power that the World Championships have, and what a 25th Anniversary celebration means to its fans.

While only older gamers may have memories of the 1990 competition (I recall reading about them in Nintendo Power) the World Championships resonate with even younger players.  How many gamers for example have seen the movie The Wizard?  Or have shook their heads in amazement as  a NWC cart fetches mammoth amounts on Ebay?  Or more recently, played championship mode (a NWC remix) in NES Remix 2?

What games will be part of the competition?  Is this a one time anniversary celebration, or is it the start of an annual occurrence?  Will the competition lead to an expanded version of what we saw in NES Remix 2, perhaps as part of a new release?  These questions and more will be answered soon at E3!

Nintendo World Championships