Recently my wife and I found out that we will be expecting a new mini-us.  This has got me thinking, well about a lot of things, but more prominent to this post, about how I would be reacting and feeling about Nintendo if I was still a little nerdy gamer. I also remember the days when it was cool to send letters to your favorite companies or celebrities.  In honor of my new child, and because I always wanted too, I have solved all the problems for time travel in-order to bring my little self back to experience current day Nintendo. Here is the letter I left myself to give to Nintendo.


Dear Mr. Nintendo,

Hi, my name is Little James and I am only 10 years old. I enjoy playing video games. In fact, I enjoy video games so much that I try not to be picky about the games I play, in order to play all the good ones. I enjoy all games like, FPS, Sports, Action/Adventure, RPG’s, platformers and more. But the games that I hold near and dear to my heart are Nintendo games.

I hear a lot of talk on the internet about how people think you should close down. I really don’t understand why people are saying this. I loved your exclusive games from 2013. Some of the top-rated games of 2013 were all yours; Pokemon X/Y, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and New Super Mario Brothers U. That isn’t counting what will be out in 2014; Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, X and Bayonetta 2 – Even though I am not sure my mommy will let me play those last two games. For the life of me I cannot understand what everyone’s issue is with you guys. There are just as many great games out for your platform as there is for anything else. And I only mentioned a few games. There are a ton more!

Don’t’ get me wrong, I enjoy me a good shooter and action adventure game, but I can only take so much, and my mommy frowns upon me playing a lot of, what she calls, intense games. Nintendo games always offer a different and fun gameplay experience, something that the other guys don’t offer that much. Yes, I do wish you created Little Big Planet, one of my favorite games of last generation. But Little Big Planet, which I am not sure you know, was for the Playstation, and was so popular for being different.

Well Mr. Nintendo, I guess my main point is that I play games that I enjoy. My mommy got me a 360 for one Christmas and I really enjoyed that but I always find myself coming back to my Nintendo’s. I am sure some of your workers have other systems that they enjoy. I am sure yourself are a gamer and enjoy playing games. I know this because I am too and that is why I ask for multiple consoles, which gives me a variety of options to put on my Christmas list. My daddy always told me. Do things that you enjoy and make you happy. I always enjoy playing your games and that’s why I will always support your system.

Thank you,

Little James